Putting bay: Christmas in July

Something I didn’t know about and discovered it in 2017! The year I turned 21 I went to the United States to spend my summer there and enjoy that I could legally drink there. So with my friends, we went to Cleveland where there is an island called Putting bay. In this island, they have Christmas in July and they party hard! All the bars are open at 9 am and people are all dressed up with Christmas costumes.

Because it is summer, all the parties are pool parties and people drive mini golf cars and it doesn’t matter if you are drunk, you won’t go to jail haha.

To get to the island you need to take a Ferry from Sandusky and it takes 1 hour long you get there. You will enjoy the trip, the people are very nice.

At the island there were two main pool parties, which one to chose depends on you and your group of friends. Before getting into the party we did a pre-game because alcohol is expensive. Inside the party, you can rent lockers to leave all your things and not worry about. You just need to have fun from there!

Of course, men will enjoy the view, girls use all kinds of bikinis or barely anything at all. As a latina, the way guys approach me at the party was a bit too much for me. It depends on how you want to spend the party, I prefer to be with my friends and that is it but if you want to do something crazy believe me you can. I met a guy (he was hot) and it was fun.

The island is small so we went back to Sandusky at night.

It was an interesting experience which I recommend and hope you all tell me about how it goes!

<p>I'm a 22 years old psychology student that loves to Travel. I'm from Ecuador (South America) and I have lived in France two times. I want to share my experience and recommendations of the places I've been to.</p>
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