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I’m new in this blogging thing and I’m excited to share with you my experiences and some tips for your travels! So first I am going to tell you some things about my home: Ecuador.

I was born in Quito the capital of Ecuador. For those who aren’t good in geography, Ecuador is a small country in South America, right next to Colombia and Peru. I know many of you may have heard about Colombia (Narcos and all that stuff but it is actually a beautiful country too despite all that) and Peru (Machu Picchu) but my country has a lot to offer too.


First of all, it has 4 regions: the Coast, the Mountains, the Amazon jungle, and the Galapagos Islands (Yes that’s right, Galapagos is part of Ecuador!). So, believe me, you’ll be amazed in here!
Quito is in the mountains region so it is a bit cold but at the same time, it can be really hot. We don’t have the 4 seasons as in many countries, we have summer and the rainy season (winter for us), but usually, we have the same temperature all year long! This changes according to the region. However, you can go to the beach whenever you want! There are seasons where it is hotter but you’ll enjoy it anyway. If you go to the jungle it will be humid and warm. There are the rainy seasons but it will be warm still. So you can come any season of the year and you will be surprised and have a lot of fun! In every region, there are different things to do, different food and landscapes. In the Mountains, you’ll see different volcanos like Cotopaxi (very famous) and Chimborazo. You can visit the Centro Histórico (the Old town) in Quito, the Middle of the World (yeah that’s right!), Baño city where you can do extreme sports like bungee jumping, canopy, etc., Cuenca city, and many other small villages where you’ll discover unique things. In the Amazon jungle, you’ll be speechless with all the variety of animals and the landscape. Here you will leave all the outside world behind and you’ll get lost in the sound of mother nature, the waterfalls, the rivers and the small villages where you can get to know natives from the region. In the Coast, you’ll fall in love with the beaches, the sand, and the food. Seafood es my favorite and it varies according to the city so you will have a lot to try. The beaches are different too, there are for all kind of taste: if you want to party, if you want to relax or if you want to do any kind of sport. Finally, in the Galapagos islands, you’ll find a treasure. You’ll see giant turtles, exotic birds and animals, and unique landscapes.

(By Guenterguni)

You will fall in love with the landscape of every region, with the people and with the culture. I have traveled a lot and I’ve never found anything similar to this (not just because I’m from here). Even a lot of my international friends I’ve made that came for exchange, they end up falling in love. If you love nature, adventure and simplicity then you’ll find yourself here. This is a small introduction to my home, I’ll be sharing with you a lot more, don’t worry 😉

PD: if you ever come here and you need a guide don’t hesitate and text me! I would love to show you around!




<p>I'm a 22 years old psychology student that loves to Travel. I'm from Ecuador (South America) and I have lived in France two times. I want to share my experience and recommendations of the places I've been to.</p>

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