21 in Las Vegas

In 2017 I turned 21! Obviously, in my country that’s not a big deal, here we can drink and everything when we turn 18. But I travel a lot to the States with my family so it was exciting to know I could ask for a drink in a bar or in a restaurant :). Also, I always had the dream to go to Vegas when I turn 21 and I did it!! I’ve been to Vegas a few times before with my family but now it was more to party.

I turned 21 in January so I decided that summer I would go to Vegas! My trip began in Cleveland, Ohio. I went there with a friend to visit other friends that were doing a work and travel program in Cedar Point (an amusement park). This is another story I’ll tell you about later 😉

I started enjoying my “adulthood” since I got to Cleveland. Then I went to Vegas with my brother who’s older for 2 years and his friends. It wasn’t exactly what I had planned but my friends were younger so they wouldn’t enjoy it. Anyway, I have a good relationship with my brother so it was cool.

We stayed 4 days in the LINQ hotel and casino, it was very nice and at a good price, so I totally recommend it. That night we had tickets for a pool party in the XS nightclub and the Chainsmokers were playing. The nightclub was inside a hotel and it was amazing! You can check out the photos here. The pool was huge and there were lockers to leave your stuff. Then we went to the bar and that was our first mistake. A medium size cocktail (about 2 and a half glasses) was about $60!! It was too much for the size and the type of cocktail.

Well, we drank anyway and then we went into the pool to party. It was kind of crazy but totally worth it. There was a lot of people and really good looking guys ;). I couldn’t believe I was partying in Vegas at my 21!! I had a blast even though I would have loved to go with my group of girls friends. The next day we went to the casino to gamble, it was my first time gambling! (In my country we don’t have casinos anymore). At night I went out with a gay friend to a bar right next to the hotel called Margaritaville. It is a restaurant and a casino too. They have good beer and good prices.

The next day I went to the Neon Museum where you can see old iconic Las Vegas signs. It is interesting but it is not necessarily a thing you must visit. Then at night my brother and his friends went to a strip club so I decided to walk around the city and find a nightclub to go (I don’t care to go by myself you always end up meeting new people). First I went to see the water- light show at the Bellagio’s Fountain, I really like it. There I met a nice guy with whom I end up having a beer and a chill night. The next day we went to the SlotZilla zip line in downtown. It was a lot of fun! Then at night, the best part of my trip happened: I went to the Magic Mike live show!!! It was amazing a very hot 😉 I totally recommend it for the ladies. Later I went to the High roller with the guy I met before. There is one ticket option called Happy half-hour ride in which you have an open bar with beer and mixed drinks while you have a very nice view of the city.

I did a lot of new thing during my trip and it was amazing. Now I will share with you some of my recommendations of things to do and places to go:

  1. My first recommendation is to do a pregame with your own alcohol before going to a club. Alcohol is expensive!
  2. My second recommendation is that there are a lot of options to drink and party, and almost every night there is a famous Dj playing so try to check the calendar hereto plan your dates.
  3. Shows I recommend: Magic Mike and  Cirque du Soleil at Bellagio’s.
  4. There are a lot of things to do during the daytime too:
  • You can go to the SlotZilla zip lines in downtown and try to buy the ticket with time.
  • Different museums like the Neon Museum to try something new.
  • Shooting range if you are into that stuff (I like it)
  • Shopping at the Venetian. One of my favorite places is this one. Just go for a walk and enjoy.
  1. Another recommendation is some of the good bars and nightclubs I visited:
  • Purple Zebra – it is inside the LINQ hotel, here you can buy giant cocktails and refill them for a cheaper price.
  • Margaritaville- it has a beach style atmosphere and it’s nice.
  • Cesar’s casino bar – if you look for something more elegant this is a good place with unique and very good cocktails.
  • High roller – Happy half-hour open bar
  • XS Vegas pool party
  • OMNIA nightclub  (you have a lot of different places you can go)
  1. My last recommendation is a list of restaurants I like:
  • GuyFieri’sit is a burger place right next to the LINQ hotel and it is amazing.
  • Gordon Ramsey burger place
  • For breakfast or brunches, there are a lot of places you can choose from. I like at Cesar’s hotel, but you can look for other options. I also recommend the Sterling Brunch
  • For more option of restaurants, you can check out here
<p>I'm a 22 years old psychology student that loves to Travel. I'm from Ecuador (South America) and I have lived in France two times. I want to share my experience and recommendations of the places I've been to.</p>
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